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In the social environment where IT development has been growing at faster rate, the issue of privacy protection is more important than it has ever been.
The corporate philosophy of Cyber Area Research, Inc. ("We", "Us" or "Our") is to develop our original technology and know-how so that we can provide new and valuable Internet service to the local community.
We recognize that privacy protection is extremely important in the continuous and developing operation of our service, and will provide strict and meticulous safety control over the handling of information in order to meet our customers' expectations, based on the philosophy.
At the same time, we establish the following privacy policy, which shall be known to all our executives and employees, and will take every measure to provide privacy protection while keeping the policy in mind all the time. In view of this background, we declare the following as our policy regarding privacy protection.

1.Obtaining personal information
We obtain personal information through legitimate and fair method, and clarify the purpose of use as concrete as possible in accordance with our service so that individual users can better recognize it.
2.Intended use of the obtained personal information
Since our company is a company that provides Internet service, we will obtain, use or provide personal information within its limited scope of use as necessary for business operations. The purpose of its use will be explained clearly to each user beforehand. In principle, we will not use the obtained information beyond its intended scope of use ("Use for unintended purpose"). In the exceptional case of "use for unintended purpose", we will obtain agreement from individual users by providing them with necessary information in accordance with JIS Q 15001.
3.Legal compliance, continuous review and improvement
We will comply with laws related to privacy protection, guidelines set by the government or any other regulations. We established a personal information management system in accordance with JIS Q 15001 and are managing all the personal information on the system. The system will be reviewed suitably and improved continuously.
4.Personal information protection education
We appoint a person in charge to manage all the personal information fairly and provide education to our employees regularly.
5.Safety control of the obtained personal information
We make efforts to take correct and safety measures to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure of the obtained personal information. In case of any problems, we will immediately take necessary corrective measures.
6.Supervision of contractors
We sometimes consign the handling of all or a part of the obtained personal information to third parties. We have chosen reliable companies that can manage information properly and signed a deal with them to avoid any mishandling of the consigned information
7.Complaints and inquiries
We will disclose the obtained personal information upon request from our customers. Complaints about the handling of the information or inquiries about this policy will be received at the point of contact shown below.

The enforcement date June 1, 2007
Geolocation Technology,Inc.
CEO Keisuke Yamamoto

■Regarding the disclosure of our privacy policy to the public, we let it known to all employees (including executives) and make it available to the public by disclosing it on our website.

■ Regarding complaints about the handling of the obtained personal information or inquiries about requests for disclosure, correction, deletion or opting out of it at the point of contact for complaints or inquiries about our handling of the information, please let us know at the point shown below by phone.

Geolocation Technology,Inc.
Privacy Administrator
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