DocoDoco is an API that combines business data such as organization name, business type, employee scale, location information, with the IP address. By linking these data with marketing automation tools (MA hereinafter), it enables to add company data to the website visitors even if they have not registered CRM/SFA system.
Currently, DocoDoco has been promoting the development of application cooperation with major MA tools both inside and outside of the country. Please try our new DocoDoco’s cooperation service that accelerates the demand generation of BtoB companies.

Automation tool for the corporation marketing

DocoDoco enables to add values to MA tools from the aspect of lead generation. Finding prospective customers (=lead) is an important step that is inevitable for BtoB marketing. In order to use MA tools more efficiently, we recommend the cooperation with DocoDoco. Please contact us for the details.

"MAPlus access analysis of company name" Salesforce Pardot

MAPlus access analysis for company name is a service that analyzes IP address of Pardot visitor and retrieves company information such as company name. Thus, you will know name of the company who is visiting your web site. You can utilize the company information for the marketing activities such as telemarketing or delivering direct mail.

MAPlus access analysis of company name


Private DMP built-in marketing automation tool SATORI. One-To-One communication can be achieved at every digital contact, such as web advertisement, mail delivery, website recommend pop-up. The access company report enables to make a list of accessing companies, and the company details page enables to check the action log of companies.

Private DMP built-in marketing automation tool SATORI


“B-Dash” is a next generation all-in-one marketing platform (private marketing platform) equipped and implemented all functions. As B→Dash enables to customize and fit business processes and work flows individually, it attracts attention as a product that improves profitability and efficiency of marketing business.

DocoDoco for Oracle Eloqua

DocoDoco for Oracle Eloqua is a collaborative application of Oracle Marketing Automation (Oracle Eloqua) and DocoDoco’s IP address data. DocoDoco for Oracle Eloqua visualize prospective customers who visit the website of Oracle Eloqua. There are lots of prospective customers who consider implementing and collecting information among website visitors of BtoB companies. By visualizing those customers and analyzing their behaviors, it gives valuable data for the sales and marketing strategies of BtoB companies.

DocoDoco for Marketo

DocoDoco for Marketo is a collaborative application of marketing automation tool “Marketo” and DocoDoco’s IP address data. DocoDoco for Marketo offers total 34 kinds of company information to lead (prospective customer) of Marketo users, such as company name, business type, address, employee number, listed division, etc.

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