For FinTech companies – Anonymized Network Data

Anonymized network indicates acts and tools to conceal transmission sources such as Tor project, open VPN & VPS services, and cloud services. Such anonymized network is often used for covering up user's location and contents of communication, and sometimes used for illegal and unlawful purposes, such as false personation, fraudulent acts for credit cards and bank related issues. The anonymized network can be a big risk for on-line transaction.

Advanced new standard for fraudulent detection logic

This service includes the information that "IP address can be easily anonymized or not" as well as "how it is anonymized". Specifically, "anonymized network data of DocoDoco" can be used as new decision criteria for cleansing data at on-line settlement processing and fraudulent access measures.

Data summary

Name of the service, scores (risk degree judged by our company), and additional information (e.g. URL) will be provided to IP address used at the anonymized service. Subjects to investigation include free and fee-based concealing services at home and abroad, and VPS/Cloud services that could be utilized as a proxy server.

Data structure
Nameservice attribute
Scorerisk degree of the service
Infoadditional information (service URL, etc.)

Data sample
VPN70 etc.
VPS/Cloud40 etc.


Anonymized network data is provided as a fee-based option service of DocoDoco. As 14-days after issuing API key is a free trial period, please use the period for your verification. The fee is the usage based rate corresponding to the number of request, which indicates the number of reference to API server of DocoDoco. You can consider the number as nearly equal to the total PV number of pages that you are considering using.

Anonymized network data – price list
initial fee¥0
※DocoDoco's initial fee (¥100,000 excluding tax) will be charged when you start applying for API key issuance of DocoDoco.

monthly feenumber of monthly requestsmonthly usage fee (excluding tax)
0~2,000,000¥100,000 usage fee of DocoDoco will be charged separately.
3,000,001~4,000,000 ¥140,000
4,000,001~5,000,000 ¥160,000
5,000,001~6,000,000 ¥180,000
6,000,001~7,000,000 ¥200,000
7,000,001~8,000,000 ¥220,000
8,000,001~9,000,000 ¥240,000
9,000,001~10,000,000 ¥260,000
10,000,001~20,000,000 ¥280,000
20,000,001~30,000,000 ¥300,000
30,000,001~40,000,000 ¥320,000
40,000,001~50,000,000 ¥340,000
50,000,001~60,000,000 ¥360,000
60,000,001~70,000,000 ¥380,000
70,000,001~80,000,000 ¥400,000
80,000,001~90,000,000 ¥420,000
90,000,001~100,000,000 ¥440,000

To customers who are interested in this service

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