Geo Targeting

DocoDoco automatically determines the user's current location from the IP address, and allows content based on the location to be automatically displayed on the website's top page. It is effective in increasing interest and sales in outlying regions as well as access numbers for regional content.

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Organization Analysis
with Google Analytics

Even though it's free, Google Analytics can produce a very high-level analysis. What we can provide to users of Google Analytics is a vast array of valuable data. Combined with DocoDoco you can enjoy using a resourceful and innovative tool.

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Fraud detection

At present, doing financial settlements online with internet banking and electronic commerce has become common place. But as users increase so do instances of malpractice. Therefore, creating countermeasures to this has become an urgent business.

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Access Block

You can control the distribution of contents by distinguishing between domestic and foreign access with IP address. Web contents can be accessed from anywhere, in general, but there is limited contents such as that can be distributed only in Japan.

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