Usage Fee for Corporate Customers or Commercial Use

Your trial period begins on your registration date and runs for 14 days.

Initial cost excluding tax


*The actual rate is based on the settlement date of the card Company.
Monthly usage fee
DocoDoco Monthly Usage Fee
Queries per month Monthly Usage Fee excluding tax Note:
0~50,000 10,000yenAs to the fee for up to 1 million Queries,
please see the information on the left side.
50,001~100,000 20,000yen
100,001~300,000 30,000yen
300,001~500,000 50,000yen
500,001~1,000,000 80,000yen
1,000,001~2,000,000 100,000yen As to fee for up to 10 million Queries,
20,000yen will be added for every 1 million Queries.
2,000,001~3,000,000 120,000yen
3,000,001~4,000,000 140,000yen
4,000,001~5,000,000 160,000yen
5,000,001~6,000,000 180,000yen
6,000,001~7,000,000 200,000yen
7,000,001~8,000,000 220,000yen
8,000,001~9,000,000 240,000yen
9,000,001~10,000,000 260,000yen
10,000,001~20,000,000 280,000yen As to fee for down to 10 million Queries,
20,000yen will be added for every 10 million Queries.
20,000,001~30,000,000 300,000yen
30,000,001~40,000,000 320,000yen
40,000,001~50,000,000 340,000yen
50,000,001~60,000,000 360,000yen
60,000,001~70,000,000 380,000yen
70,000,001~80,000,000 400,000yen
80,000,001~90,000,000 420,000yen
90,000,001~100,000,000 440,000yen

*What Is The Number Of Queries?

The number of Queries means the number of inquiries to DocoDoco API servers.This is almost equivalent to the total number of PV of the pages you are considering to use. We might contact a customer in case the customer exceeds the maximum requests prescribed in the application.

Usage Fee for Non-Commercial Use Customers

Initial cost and monthly usage fee

Free of Charge for both the initial cost and monthly usage fee

Conditions of Use

・ A customer must agree to the terms and register as a user.
・DocoDoco is allowed to introduce the contents released by a customer on DocoDoco website.

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