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You can control the distribution of contents by distinguishing between domestic and foreign access with IP address. Though web contents can be accessed freely across borders, there are some contents that should be distributed only in Japan. Being protected by copyrights and limited only to a domestic area in many cases, that information should be limited to Japan for distributing on web. From the perspective of DRM (Digital Rights Management), the distribution control by IP address is very effective.

Advantages of using IP geolocation technology to control access

.htaccess is a popular way of controlling access by IP address.
For example, all the access except from the company’s local IP addresses will be denied if the following is described.

 deny from all
 allow from 192.168.1.

Using .htaccess to limit IP addresses is useful, but what about cases in which you might "want to restrict access from a particular country"? Listing IP addresses being used by specific countries, it can also restrict the access from those IP addresses by .htaccess. This works only if IP addresses used by specific countries are correctly grasped. And, as those IP addresses can fluctuate frequently, you need to update the information each time when you use .htaccess.

DocoDoco's IP address control is easy.

All you need to do is to create a rule based on country codes returned by IP address.
For example, you can make a rule that when JP (country code of Japan) returns, Japanese HTML is automatically displayed.
Cyber Area Research takes responsibility of updating country codes for IP addresses monthly.

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