Geo targeting,Optimize a website with area targeting

Geo targeting is a mechanism for providing locally optimized information based on the user's location information. DocoDoco automatically determines the user's current location from the IP address, and displays the regional content on the website's top page. Thus, it has an effect on increasing inquiries and sales as well as the number of access to the local contents. The localization of the contents is effective for catching users' interest and it helps to boost customer attractiveness and improve usability.

Case study

Solicit Local Information on the Top Page
Doesn't the final goal page exist under regional contents?

By minimizing the path between your goal page and the top page, the flow towards conversion is optimized. As the secession occurs on all pages, allowing users to skip pages that they must navigate through will reduce the risk of secession.

Emphasize Local Information on the Landing Page
The area targeting options of Google Adwords and Yahoo!Listing are not the only way for applealing localized landing pages.

By using DocoDoco, you can quickly customize your company's website with pages that emphasize local information. By utilizing the API of DocoDoco, it becomes possible to separate contents according to the users' access source to the website.

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