The collaboration of Access analysis solution "Visionalist" and "DocoDoco" are now available.
The tie up using tag manager function enables to display DocoDoco' s various data based on IP addresses for Visionalist users without adding new tags. Those data lead a fresh dimension for many salesperson and BtoB marketers in order to get new targets.

Company access analysis enables to add an optimum new analysis axis for BtoB
Discover the needs by industries
As there were lots of accesses from companies whose business type was not included in our target, we reviewed targeted industry types on the base of the access analysis data. Thereby, we could optimize the marketing, reduce costs, and increase the number of inquiries.
Understand the situations of competitors' visiting sites
Results of obtaining organization names are able to grasp the access histories of competitors. You can predict the interest level of competitors.
Discover potential customer
Analyzing site visitor' s actions, such as which key words they use or which pages they view, leads to discover potential customers.

Detailed analysis using the location data and the environment data
Location judgement with high accuracy will optimize marketing strategies on web sites.
Location information of access source is an important key for the access analysis. For example, you can compare regional access status to web site with real store sales status. Location information database of DocoDoco researches and verifies IP addresses by net tracer (professional investigator of IP address), and reflect them in daily bases. You can always analyze with fresh and most effective database.

Free trial period
The free trial period is for 14 days after issuing API key.

Please contact us for the details.
The charge will be incurred after the trial period is finished.

Initial fee 100,000 yen(without tax) Monthly fee 10,000 yen(without tax)~
Please refer to "Price page" for the monthly fee details.


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