Organization Analysis with Google Analytics

Google Analytics can produce a very high-level analysis despite its free service. Users taking advantages of free services provide lots of useful information on web sites.
What we can offer to users of Google Analytics is a vast array of valuable data.
Please try to use our innovation that can be realized in combination with DocoDoco.

※Other than Google Analytics, we have achieved tying up with SiteCatalyst and Visionalist

What you can achieve with the combination of DocoDoco and Google Analytics
Addition of analytical axis such as "by industry" or "by company scale" in Google Analytics

Incorporating attributes value acquired from DocoDoco into Google Analytics, you can add analysis axis (dimension) such as organization name, organization URL, type of industry, number of employees to the access analysis. This will be a great advantage for many salesperson and BtoB marketers as they can comprehend which company visits the web site and what they are interested in.

You can customize Google Analytics to the BtoB access analysis tool
- know the products that particular line of companies are interested in
- know if the site is visited by competitors
- define companies that visit your site by searching your product's name
- define companies that regularly visit the site but do not send inquiries
- your company can appeal information efficiently to the above companies
- execute LPO by industry type
- apply to remarketing list of Google AdWords
Organization name on Google Analytics

Words from satisfied customers
  • As we found accessing companies that seemed to be potential customers, we asked salesperson to visit them. Luckily, we were able to receive an order!
  • We wanted some information in order to get effective sales leads. By associating search keywords with companies, it made our assessments much easier!
  • Google Analytics became different with just 10,000 yen per month!

Media reports
"BtoB potential client list by Zenrin's subsidiary company is just like a drug" (January issue of NIKKEI Digital Marketing)
Despite appearing online in December 2011, the article was ranked one of the top 10 in 2011.
NIKKEI Digital Marketing

Usage fee
Free trial period for 14 days after issuing API key.

Fees after the trial period

Initial cost 100,000 yen(excluding tax) Monthly fee 10,000 yen(excluding tax) ~
Please refer to the price page for the monthly fee details.


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Screen shots and technical terms of these pages are based on analysis screens and functions of Google Analytics issued on May 2014. Please see "Universal Analytics transition support service" when you use the old version of Google Analytics.

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