The purpose of BtoB site is not the only information transmission. By specifying prospective customers among site visitors, the web site can have a new value to your business scene.
"Access analysis is just watching numbers…."、"Analyzing web site access does not promote sales nor gain profits…" For those who have such claims, we strongly recommend "BtoB access analysis", as it gives information of prospective customers directly connected to your business scene.

Attainment of profit making marketing activities by knowing customers

Identifying companies who have visited your web site will change your marketing and sales activities dramatically. You are able to grasp reviewing stages of each company based on "Prospective customers' behavior".

Marketing Person

By scoring customer's behavior on web site, you visualize hot prospective customers. You will find good prospective customers through your marketing activities.

Website Person

Analyze browsing pages and keywords with company's business type and scale. You will find a shortcut to web site responding to the needs of targeting companies.

Sales Person

You can create a sales list for companies who visited your web site.
It is also possible to narrow down companies that step forward to reviewing stage, such as browsing a price list.

DocoDoco accelerates "demand generation".

The process to obtain "prospective customer=lead" by BtoB access analysis is very simple. The method to understand prospective customer's interest and concern through web site's behavior, and to promote business plan with marketing view point is called "lead generation", which got much attention currently.
A set process of lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead qualification is called demand generation. It means an activity to create business plan through marketing.
DocoDoco makes it possible to have such a set process to increase high-quality sales plan, replacing a sales-focused conventional marketing style.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation means to get a list of prospective customers.
DocoDoco and Google Analytics with various access analysis services make it possible to obtain information useful to BtoB marketing such as company's name, business type, and employee scale.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing means activities and processes to nurture prospective customers. The information that is just numerical values in access analysis services turns to be concrete information implementing the analysis centering on companies by associating with DocoDoco.

Lead Qualification

Lead qualification means to find out the level of probability by checking how often and which pages companies tend to visit, and score such behaviors. You can give valuable information to a marketing person.

Cooperation solution

DocoDoco can be tied up with various access analysis tools and CRM tools. In order to make analysis result of web site have a role directly linked to business, it is necessary to segment companies that visited web site and their patterns of behavior. By reflecting company names on the existing access analysis results, a new analysis axis will be created and the value of web site increase dramatically.

Google Analytics

The combination of Google Analytics and DocoDoco is currently used more than 400 sites. Making companies as an analysis axis extends analysis ranges widely. Please try the "company access analysis". The fee starts only from 10.000 yen per month.

Details on Google analytics x DocoDoco


Invite partners
DocoDoco can be associated with solutions that has interface for reading external data. Why not tying up your solutions and systems with refined locations information data and organization data promoting BtoB marketing that only DocoDoco can offer?
You can expect to distinguish yourself from other competitors and to extend the sales channels in wider business areas. Please contact us for the details.

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