Flow from the account registration to API key issuance

Following is the flow from free account registration to the issuance of API key.

1. Account registration
The registration steps of DocoDoco can be completed on the web.
You need to obtain an account in order to log in the admin page at the beginning. For the first time users, please follow the procedures below.
a.Access the following URL and click "Sign up" .
Sign up

b. Enter your email address and password, and select whether your account is for business or personal use. When you click Next, an email is sent to the address you entered.
Sign up 1
c.A one-time key is stated in the email. Go to the URL specified in the email.
d.Enter your password and the one-time key stated in the email you just received, and click Next.
Sign up 2
e.Select the domain for which you'd like to use DocoDoco and Purpose of Use. Commercial users need to select the payment plan. After accepting the user policy, click Next.
Sign up 3
f.Enter your contact information such as your name, compnay name, telephone number, and click Next.
Sign up 4
g.Confirm the contents you have provided and your contact information. When you click Confirm, API key is issued.
Sign up 5
h. Your registration is complete. After entering your ID and password, click Login. The admin screen is displayed.
Sign up 6

2.Confirm API tag at admin screen
a.API tag can be confirmed by clicking URL.

b.Outputting tag is changed by clicking the types, such JavaScript、REST、DATA.
Explanation about the types can be confirmed by clicking Help. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

By email


By telephone

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